How a team’s chemistry can be indicative of company culture

By balki | April 6, 2017 | 0 Comment

At the last meetup we had a terrific company (Jet Reports) and an engaged audience of many software professionals. We had a leadership team of 4 members from Jet Reports! Thank you Sam McCurdy, Scott Oshiro, Emiley Oster, and Malu Parthasarathy for joining us. It was the first time we showcased a company with a team and it was a grand success IMHO. The audience could clearly see the chemistry working between the engineering leadership team members and that was great preview of experience working at Jet Reports.

As we fully expected, we had a number of awesome takeaways and resolutions for our own job search.

I documented 18 of them here. Honestly these don’t do justice to the value you get by being there in person. Oh and it is really hard for me to build up the context on some of the really funny takeaways. So I definitely recommend you join us in person next time!

  1. I appreciate the entire engineering leadership coming together; my takeaway is to think laterally as opposed to hierarchically
  2. I came here to look for outside opportunities, but realized that it is possible to grow within the company and so will stay put
  3. I learned that great people don’t get hired because “only one can be hired” 😃
  4. My takeaway is the importance of culture; I knew that already but today as another reminder to look at a company’s culture more carefully during my job search
  5. It is important to learn more about the people in a business even as I am pursuing an entry-level position
  6. I learned that my experiences can from a large company can be successfully translated to a smaller company like Jet Reports
  7. Jet Reports work-life integration philosophy is refreshing to hear about
  8. My takeaway is to be myself and not try to fit into some pre-conceived mold in order to get a job
  9. I will bring forth my personality to the table during the interviews and not just my talents
  10. I appreciated Jet Reports’ philosophy to let people pitch their ideas and value them even if they are sometimes off-the-wall
  11. It’s not what you know, but who you know will get the job
  12. It was amazing to see your entire team’s collaboration and good-natured humor in live-action. Kudos!
  13. I will refocus on doing side projects along with applying for jobs
  14. I really love the culture of “fail often and fail fast” at Jet Reports as opposed to the fear of failure at bigger companies.
  15. As a first-time meetup attendee, I am inspired to get out there and meet more interesting people in the community
  16. I will be thinking about “what 3 things make good, maintainable code” 😉
  17. I am convinced that Scott Oshiro would be a fantastic manager to work for (as an engineer)
  18. Be prepared to ask questions as much as proving your worth during the interviews

(This article was originally published on Linked as How a team’s chemistry can be indicative of company culture.  This is a repost of the same article on my personal blog)



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